Fraud Blocker 40' Colorful Slide Obstacle

40' Colorful Slide Obstacle (Dry)
40' Colorful Slide Obstacle (Dry)


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2 Day Rental


Setup Area: 14'W x 40'L x 14'H

Actual Size: 10'W x 38'L x 12'H

Outlets: 2


Our Colorful Slide Obstacle, the ultimate addition to any outdoor event or party! This vibrant and exciting inflatable obstacle course is designed to bring hours of fun and entertainment for both kids and adults alike.

Featuring a dazzling array of bright colors, our Colorful Slide Obstacle is visually stunning and instantly catches the eye. The obstacle course is thoughtfully designed with various challenging elements, including tunnels, climbing walls, and thrilling slides, ensuring a thrilling experience for all participants.

Built with the highest quality materials, our Colorful Slide Obstacle guarantees durability and safety. The sturdy construction ensures that it can withstand hours of active play and can accommodate multiple users at once. Safety features such as soft landing pads and secure handrails are incorporated throughout the course, providing peace of mind for parents and event organizers.

Not only does the Colorful Slide Obstacle provide endless fun, but it also promotes physical activity and healthy competition. Participants will not only have a blast navigating through the obstacles but also develop essential skills such as coordination, balance, and teamwork.So, whether you are planning a backyard party or a large-scale event, our Colorful Slide Obstacle is the perfect entertainment solution. Get ready to create unforgettable memories and laughter with this exciting and visually stunning inflatable obstacle course.

The Colorful Slide Obstsacle Course includes necessary blowers and (2) 50' extension cord.
  • CHECK THE DIMENSIONS (see above) of the  if you have enough space in your planned setup area.
  • If BACKYARD: gate or a fenceshould be at least 3 ft. WIDE (no exceptions) to accomodate the dolly and Colorful Slide Obstsacle Course
  • Alley or pathway leading to setup area should have NO OBSTRUCTIONS whatsoever. If vehicles or items are obstructing the pathway, they will need to be moved before set up can begin. 
  • The needed ext. cord for this unit is a 3 pronged, 12 gauge heavy duty extension cord. This WILL BE PROVIDED BY US!
  • For Grass setup surface, kindly make sure you have no pipes or sprinklers that could possibly be hit during setup and takedown. Stakes will be used to secure the unit. If you do not want to use stakes, please select the sandbag option at checkout. There will be an additional fee to use sandbags as they are heavy and require more labor. 
  • This unit is both a dry and wet unit. If water is left on overnight, this will cause the unit to become flooded and be extremely heavy. This will result in an additional fee of $150 if left on overnight. 
  • If winds are over 15mph, we won't be able to set up the as it is too dangerous. We will monitor weather leading up to your event. 
  • If renting this unit as a dry unit, water hose is not included.  

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